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the school management and student information system on pc and mobile

What Skoolee is made up of
and what it can do


Parents and students can utilize Skoolee to complete online application forms. They begin by providing basic information and then proceed to upload required documents. As an admissions officer or registrar, you can monitor and evaluate applications based on preset criteria and checklists. Finally, you can send admissions replies to applicants via email or printed letter, all within the Skoolee platform.


Skoolee seamlessly manages the registration of students for academic years, classes, sections, and courses. It accommodates multiple school branches and their locations, as well as various curricula, teaching cycles, and teacher preferences. Additionally, it allows for the differentiation of core, elective, and special type courses. All of these processes can be conducted online through the admin and student portals.


An easily accessible list of tasks enhances student performance, and monitoring their progress is equally crucial. Proceed to consult calendars for assignments, homework, tasks, events, and other items. Upload supporting documents for assignments and link them to specific lesson plans. Additionally, you can make solutions available online and manage student uploads, facilitating a streamlined and organized approach to academic tasks and assessments.


Skoolee simplifies the process of tracking student and staff conduct. You can monitor conduct on a daily basis and compare it against pre-set evaluation metrics. Afterwards, communicate the results to both students and staff members. Additionally, Skoolee allows you to generate certificates based on merits and demerits, as well as issue detailed and summary reports to provide comprehensive insights into conduct evaluations.


Course planning serves as a roadmap for the teaching process. Teachers can use Skoolee to create yearly, monthly, weekly, and daily online lesson plans for their courses. Coordinators can then review the plans uploaded by teachers and provide feedback as needed. Skoolee enables the monitoring of course plan progress and allows for updates to be made to align with teaching progress, ensuring a cohesive and effective educational experience.


We recognize the significance of accommodating various degree programs and curricula. Whether your school follows the National, International Baccalaureate, Arabic, American, French, Canadian, British, or any other type of curriculum, or a combination thereof, Skoolee provides the flexibility to set them up according to your school's needs and the requirements of its branches.


Online exams serve two primary purposes: practice and evaluation. With Skoolee, you can create an online question bank categorized by subject, duration, and difficulty level, and utilize it for both mock and graded exams. Set up the exams according to your preferred format and question types. Students can then take the exams online, and the system will automatically correct their answers and generate results, streamlining the assessment process and providing valuable feedback to both students and educators.


Indeed, a school is more than just a place for teaching—it's a dynamic and vibrant community. With Skoolee, you can effectively manage this community, encouraging active participation and interaction among parents, students, teachers, guardians, and staff. Invite them to participate in various activities such as events, photo galleries, albums, votes, daily quotes, and news updates. By fostering engagement and exchange, you can create a lively and enriching school environment that benefits everyone involved.


Assessment extends beyond exams, and Skoolee offers versatile tools to create various evaluation templates for students, teachers, classes, subjects, events, and other areas of work. Customize these templates by adding your own questions and answer keys. Once assessments are completed, review and validate the results, and then use Skoolee to generate detailed reports and statistical analyses, providing valuable insights into performance and progress across different aspects of your educational institution.


Design your school tuition fees and services structure. Apply associated fees by student, family, or class. Define conditional and unconditional discounts. Generate invoices, receipts, and customized payment plans. Integrate automated bank payments into the system to streamline the payments. Generate detailed and aggregated financial reports and statistics to gain insights into your school's financial performance and track payment trends over time.


Define staff salaries with Skoolee by identifying salary benefits, bonuses, deductibles, and family elements. Tag taxable, non-taxable, and refundable items accordingly. Set up payroll categories and establish rules for each category. Implement payroll rules based on regional, state, and national regulations. Automatically generate payment slips and statistics, and produce government reports effortlessly.


Skoolee provides comprehensive reporting and analytics across all aspects of school operations. Generate reports on financials, grades, conduct, performance, and more with ease. Skoolee prioritizes user-friendliness and flexibility, ensuring smooth access to desired information. Enhance user experience with intuitive dashboards, charts, and shortcuts for quick navigation and insights.


Define and manage your school's physical resources, including buildings, rooms, halls, laboratories, gyms, fields, and other facilities. Key in the details of each resource to keep track of availability, capacity, and any special features or requirements. Set up academic years, programs, curricula, classes, and sections, as well as the grading and assessment. Define grading scales and weighting for the assignments and exams. Customize the system to align with your academic standards and policies, and track student progress and performance effectively.


With Skoolee, efficiently manage school transportation by organizing buses and identifying transportation routes. Create bus rosters and assign drivers and driver's assistants to each bus. Set up transportation fees based on zones, routes, and directions, and streamline student registration and payments for transportation services.


Establish and maintain medical files for every student and staff member, ensuring continuous access and updates. Manage daily medical checkups, log incidents, and generate accident reports seamlessly. Keep track of vaccinations and promptly respond to unexpected pandemics or similar health emergencies.


Specify your scheduling criteria, parameters, and constraints, such as teacher availability, time preferences, and subject priorities. Consider various course groupings and run the Scheduler to automatically generate schedules and timetables, displaying teaching days and sessions for classes and sections. Utilize the Room Allocation algorithm to automatically assign courses to rooms. After generating schedules, use the Scheduler assistant tool to manually adjust results as needed. Finally, generate a master schedule report, along with reports detailing teacher availability.