Who We Are

White Mountain Technologies company (WMT) develops and provides software solutions for schools, colleges, and universities. We offer student information and management systems that cover a diverse array of education processes and services, from on-line admissions and registration to scheduling, grading, report cards, deliberation, and graduation.

Our supportive products and services come from many years of working hand in hand with educational institutions in Lebanon, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Algeria, and Nigeria. The experience and expertise that result from such multi-national work enriches and diversifies our offering and produces finely tuned systems.

In whatever we do, we uphold our motto:

Clear Vision, Solid Base.


You are our top priority
You are. And we present ourselves as solution providers, not merely software developers. This means that we make sure to understand your needs, respond to your work environment, cover your scope of work, and fulfill your expectations.

We are agile
With ever-changing work and technological demands, you need an accessible, experienced team that can promptly respond to your needs. White Mountain supports an environment that allows our designers and developers to be intimately involved with your work requirements and to respond quickly. We focus on quality output and optimal yield to reduce development time and cost.

We are multilingual
To meet the linguistic needs of the educational institutions throughout the region, our team members communicate in Arabic, English, and French. Our software systems are also designed with your linguistic needs in mind, and are accordingly designed to easily switch between these languages.

We are diverse
Based in the dynamic city of Beirut, with reach to the MENA region, White Mountain sustains a vibrant work environment with rich background in education, technology, and management.