Dear students, educators and colleagues,

Welcome to the Skoolee community!
In order for our community to thrive in a positive and constructive environment, we need you to take a minute of your time to look at some guidelines to ensure that Skoolee remains a safe and respectful platform for all of its users.

  1. While using Skoolee, we encourage:
    1. The use of respectful language
    2. Respect of other users’ culture
    3. Respect of other users’ ideas even if they are different than your own
    4. The sharing of ideas
    5. Constructive comments to help other users
    6. Being supportive of other users
    7. Praise effort of other users
    8. Celebrate achievements
    9. Seek help or support from other users for academic purposes
    10. Obtain consent of others if your intend to share material they have shared with you with another user
    11. Keep your profile updated
  2. While using Skoolee, we strongly discourage against:
    1. Bullying, ridiculing or making fun of other users
    2. Making threats or obtain something from another user by intimidating them
    3. Using money or other incentives to convince another user to share material with you
    4. Gossiping or spreading rumors about other users
    5. Misrepresenting yourself or pretend that you are someone else
    6. The use of profanity such as insults (direct or indirect)
    7. The sharing of spam or irrelevant material such as advertisements, viruses, pranks
    8. The sharing of any material including texts, images, audios or videos that include any sexual content or nudity
  3. While using Skoolee, remember that it is an online application and therefore it will have access to:
    1. Your personal data. The Personal Information that we collect is used for providing and improving the Service. We will not use or share your information with anyone.
    2. Material shared through its platform
    3. The list of contacts connected to you through the application
    4. The information you have provided on your profile

The Skoolee managing committee reserves the right to remove any user who does not follow the guidelines mentioned above. If you have any questions about material you would like to share and are unsure if it is appropriate according to the guidelines provided please contact our support team at before sharing it.

Should you notice any misuse of the platform/application please report it immediately to

Thank you for helping us keep our shared environment fun, supportive and safe. We hope that you will have a wonderful experience using Skoolee and will be looking forward to seeing your progress!