Our Products & Services

At WMT, we package our products and services to best fit your needs and budget. The software architecture and technology that we implement allow you to pick and implement specific modules or the whole set. Whatever you decide on, the modules are integrated together to provide seamless operation, vertically and horizontally, across your various stakeholders and work strata.

School K-12 Education

To service this sector, WMT offers Skoolee and its associated educational services.
Skoolee is a school management, student information, and learning management system that covers the work of the school across its classes, levels, departments, and programs, giving the school's users/stakeholders a broad range of control and interactivity. 

Skoolee users are the school's principals, directors, heads of departments, coordinators, students, teachers, staff, parents, and guardians. And, of course, there is always the Skoolee administrator who oversees the setup and operation of Skoolee in the school.

The areas that Skoolee covers are admissions, registration, courses, classes, degree programs, agenda, assignments, conduct, performance, assessment, grade books, report cards, online exams, scheduling and time-tables, communication, deliberation, medical, library, transportation, tuition fees, account receivables, payroll, and reporting and analytics.

Skoolee is also a repository of continuous historical data for the whole school. It manages school, course, teacher, student, staff, and parent information across the years.

For detailed information, please go to this site www.skoolee.com

Universities & Colleges

WMT offers UniversiTools Schedulers software. The Schedulers assist universities and colleges in producing conflict-free schedules and timetables. The Schedulers is a suite of four modules that generate course timetables, allocated classrooms to courses, produces examination schedules, and determines alternative time allocation.

After you set the preliminary requirements and constraints, the Schedulers run automatically to generate conflict-free results where no user-intervention is required. This said, the user may opt to intervene to manipulate the end-results while the Schedulers keep running in the background to make sure that no conflicts are imposed.

You may choose to implement only one Scheduler or the whole set. And they can be implemented independently or integrated together.

WMT integrates its UniversiTools Schedulers with third-party SIS systems. The integration is seamless and allows for a two-way channeling of data between the Schedulers and the SIS that you may have running at your institution.

For detailed information, please go to this site www.universitools.com