October 1, 2018

West Hill College implements Skoolee from White Mountain Technologies

West Hill College, located in Kabrechmoun, Lebanon, is a school guided by clear objectives and plans. Directed and steered by Mr. Issam El Kadi, it goes with a professional vision along a development path that never seizes.

Educational quality and deliverables are the school’s main targets. The management never leaves an opportunity without pursuing these goals. Equally important is the qualities that it channels to its students. Early on, it distills in them professionalism, perseverance, strength, and dedication. West Hill College’s reward is seeing that its graduates prevailed.

Along this line, Mr. El Kadi knows that, nowadays, technology has become an inherent tool in the school’s hand to achieve its objectives. Good management of school data, easy communication with students and guardians, follow-up on student achievements, and monitoring various key performance indicators are all easily manageable through a well-built software program that clearly understands and addresses the school’s vision.

“We have thoroughly evaluated Skoolee as well as other school management and student information systems,” says Mr. El Kadi, “and we have chosen to implement Skoolee in West Hill College.” For us at White Mountain Technologies, this is a decision that makes us proud. The school’s confidence in us is an honor that we uphold.

And now that we are embarking on an exciting path with West Hill College, the plan that we set together is the prime reason for a project’s success. We will go through various deliverables along a clear timeline. Integrating the school’s historical data, setting up users, connecting them to Skoolee, encouraging teacher input, student interaction, and guardian follow up, and identifying clear performance indicators are all part of the job. Management, teachers, students, parents, and guardian will all share in and benefit from what Skoolee has to offer.

Thank you, Mr. El Kadi and West Hill College for choosing Skoolee student information and management system. We look forward to many years of cooperation and success.

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For more info or a 15-minute presentation about Skoolee software, contact us directly or submit the online request form at www.http://whitemountaintechnologies.com/connect-with-us .

About Skoolee

Skoolee is a customizable and multilingual software solution for national curricula, high schools, and international schools. It helps administrators, principals, teachers, students, parents, and guardians manage elementary and secondary education.

Skoolee features user-friendly management of school processes and information, such as school setup, academic structure, fundamental information (course, teacher, family, student), conduct, appraisal, assessment, grading, grade book, reports card, transcripts, deliberation, medical, transportation, discussion board, chat room, communication, notifications, SMS messaging, online exams, scheduling and timetable, fees and payment (accounts receivables), payroll, data consolidation, and reporting.

Skoolee is web-based and mobile, offering online self-service centers (portals) for principals, teachers, students, parents, and guardians.


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