January 15, 2021

School Notifications and Alerts


Communication, and in specific that at a distance, between the various school stakeholders has now become a key element for good education and student progress. Skoolee provides many practical utilities to service this part, one of them being the Alerts and Notifications module. The essential technology in place comprises a software system on the cloud, a few SIS portals, and a mobile application. These elements facilitate the interaction and passing of information between the school’s administration, directors, faculty, teachers, students, parents, guardians, and staff, and permit this interaction to go in any direction.


Skoolee SIS offers a great deal of flexibility for sending alerts and notifications, in terms of both the content and the senders and receivers. Content can be about events, registration periods, payments, field days, delays, cancelations, and new entries, to name a few. The school’s administration may send general notifications to all faculty, staff, students, and parents. The school principal sends to the cycle and division directors. Directors send to the teachers. Teachers interact with the students in their courses, classes, and sections. This flow, for sure, does not have to be strictly in this manner. Directors of cycles and divisions may communicate directly with parents and teachers, for example, to notify them of upcoming parent- teacher conferences.

Alerts and notification can be sent to any one person, a group of persons, a class or section or course, a group of classes or sections or courses, or to the whole school. A group could be selected by grade level, class, section, course, time period, geographic location, interest, activity, performance, attendance, merits, demerits, fees, or any other parameters that Skoolee supports. Entries are sent in real-time via the channels that Skoolee SIS and Skoolee Mobile provide, and the end-user receives it through his or her school portal, mobile app, email, or SMS. Moreover, the notifications and alerts could be set in sync with Skoolee’s Calendar.

… and Calendar

A few words here on Skoolee Calendar in the context of Alerts and Notifications comes in handy. Skoolee provides a functionality for the school to build calendars based on diverse themes. Using the Calendar application, the school can generate a general calendar for the whole school and specific calendars for target classes and courses, cycles and divisions, students, faculty, and parents. The themes of these calendars could be academic, athletic, financial, activities, social, communal, or any other theme that the school thinks of. The calendar could extend over a defined period of time, a semester, or a whole academic year. These calendars could be synched with the Alerts and Notifications module, and the entries will be sent out to the receivers as scheduled.