August 26, 2019

Gulf English School Chooses Skoolee

The Gulf English School (GES; was established in 1980 in Kuwait. It implements the British Education system within a wider Arabic culture and for an international environment. GES believes that the primary role of education is to stress on the student’s academic, physical, and social growth and to build a healthy and educated community. As such, GES is keen on being at the heart of the local community and on carrying a central role in enhancing the individual’s development and integration with the community.

GES runs the British primary and secondary education system. In the ever demanding and dynamic education sector, a responsible school is constantly determined to best position itself, seeking, among other things, to establish a productive work environment for its teachers and to offer quality education to its students. In testimony to this, GES is accredited by and/or member of The British Schools in the Middle East (BSME), British School Overseas (BSO), The Association of British School Oversea (AoBSO), and The Educational Collaborative for International Schools (ECIS).

GES also realizes that, in a technology-driven world, student information and school management software has become a central piece in managing the school’s data and accommodating its classes and stages, where it runs the admissions, registration, timetable, tuition fee, assignment, and reporting processes, as well as many other daily, monthly, and yearly tasks. The British system for schools has its well-defined procedures for education and school management, and requires close adherence to it. Consequently, a software system put it place should conform to this adherence.

It is our pleasure and pride at White Mountain Technologies that the Gulf English School, and after meticulous consideration, chose Skoolee, our student information and school management software system. It is also to the comfort of GES and WMT that Skoolee went through a smooth implementation process, accomplishing its planned timeline, milestones, and deliverables, and has been running since up to the expectation of both parties. Needless to say, WMT follows up on its Skoolee project with continuous support and maintenance services to ensure for GES ongoing comfort and satisfaction.


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About Skoolee

Skoolee is a customizable and multilingual software solution for national curricula, high schools, and international schools. It helps administrators, principals, teachers, students, parents, and guardians manage elementary and secondary education.

Skoolee features user-friendly management of school processes and information, such as school setup, academic structure, fundamental information (course, teacher, family, student), conduct, appraisal, assessment, grading, grade book, reports card, transcripts, deliberation, medical, transportation, discussion board, chat room, communication, notifications, SMS messaging, online exams, scheduling and timetable, fees and payment (accounts receivables), payroll, data consolidation, and reporting.

Skoolee is web-based and mobile, offering online self-service centers (portals) for principals, teachers, students, parents, and guardians.


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