October 10, 2018

École Saint Rita implements Skoolee from White Mountain Technologies

École Saint Rita is a private school founded in 1965 and run by the Maronite Mariamite Order. Its classes cover from nursery to secondary. Through its curricula and facilities and the events that it holds, École Saint Rita puts equal importance on building its student’s knowledge, character, and abilities.

In this new and rapidly changing world, education has become indispensable. It is now a necessity that should be met whatever be its labors, and its results are rewarding. Aristotle said that the roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet. Yet École Saint Rita goes further by making education a productive and enjoyable process. The school’s management, teachers, and facilities are all dedicated to this end. Moreover, École Saint Rita sees that incorporating the parents and guardians along the student’s learning path is of prime emphasis.

“We have found in Skoolee what we are looking for,” says Father Bechara Khoury. “We will use Skoolee to facilitate our management needs, such as class scheduling, tuition payments, grades books, and report cards, alongside the many other tasks that the school performs. Equally important, we look to Skoolee to enhance the interaction within our school community.”

One of the strengths of Skoolee is that it provides the platform for the staff, teachers, students, and parents to interact. Parents, for example, can follow up on their children’s tasks, notifications, performance, results, and tuition fees. Coupled with Skoolee’s versatility and ease of use, all users can get up to speed at minimal effort, irrespective of their technological background.

White Mountain Technologies is dedicated to making its projects successful. We work diligently with the school to deliver what we promise. With École Saint Rita we see a great opportunity to make education a productive and enjoyable process, and to harvest together its sweet fruits.

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About Skoolee

Skoolee is a customizable and multilingual software solution for national curricula, high schools, and international schools. It helps administrators, principals, teachers, students, parents, and guardians manage elementary and secondary education.

Skoolee features user-friendly management of school processes and information, such as school setup, academic structure, fundamental information (course, teacher, family, student), conduct, appraisal, assessment, grading, grade book, reports card, transcripts, deliberation, medical, transportation, discussion board, chat room, communication, notifications, SMS messaging, online exams, scheduling and timetable, fees and payment (accounts receivables), payroll, data consolidation, and reporting.

Skoolee is web-based and mobile, offering online self-service centers (portals) for principals, teachers, students, parents, and guardians.


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