August 19, 2013

Ecole Newton School implements Skoolee from White Mountain Technologies

Ecole Newton, Algeria, signed with White Mountain Technologies (WMT) to implement Skoolee, the school management and student information system from WMT.

Ecole Newton is a new school opening in Algeria and focusing on providing high education standards to its students. As is the case with every new school, Ecole Newton takes on a bundle of a start-up’s challenges, not least of which is the technology that will best suit the school.

For WMT, starting with a school’s new start is an endeavor that it looks forward to and welcomes. WMT’s intent is to keep things easy to handle by the school. Its core approach is to start with the school and grow up with it. As such, and in the first stage, WMT opts to implement just what the school needs, and then, for the later stages, add on things down the road in a smooth and natural manner. The main objective is not to overwhelm the school or put in its way even more challenges.

Another matter of prime importance for the success of the project is who, on the school’s part, will champion Skoolee. To this end, WMT recommends to the new school the basic technical and management capabilities that this champion should possess, foremost of which is to have a sense of ownership of the project and the intent to succeed. After all, the success of Skoolee is always a bi-partite endeavor.

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About Skoolee

Skoolee is a customizable and multilingual software solution for national curricula, high schools, and international schools. It helps administrators, principals, teachers, students, parents, and guardians manage elementary and secondary education.

Skoolee features user-friendly management of school processes and information, such as school setup, academic structure, fundamental information (course, teacher, family, student), conduct, appraisal, assessment, grading, grade book, reports card, transcripts, deliberation, medical, transportation, discussion board, chat room, communication, notifications, SMS messaging, online exams, scheduling and timetable, fees and payment (accounts receivables), payroll, data consolidation, and reporting.

Skoolee is web-based and mobile, offering online self-service centers (portals) for principals, teachers, students, parents, and guardians.

The brand is sometimes referred to as Skool Tools, School Tools, Skooli, Skoolie, Schooli, Skoole, Skooly, Schoolee, or Schooly.

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