October 12, 2019

A’Takamul International School (ATIS) implements Skoolee from White Mountain Technologies

A’Takamul International School (ATIS) is part of the TES family. It was to create a synergy between modern, western education with Islamic values and Kuwaiti traditions. A coterie of dedicated educators and Kuwaiti investors laid the foundation of ATIS in 1995. Initially the school was located in Hawally, Kuwait. In 1997, ATIS became part of the Institute of Private Education (IPE) and moved to Rumaithiya, Kuwait. During that time, the school grew from a modest 149 students to more than 700 students. To meet the demands of its increasing student population, ATIS moved to a new campus in Sabah Al Salem in 2003. Currently, the campus houses almost 2000 students.


The school’s idea is embedded in its name. The word  A’Takamul is an Arabic word, meaning "Integration". The founders of ATIS believed that the most successful way to provide the best American curricula to the children of Kuwait was to base it in their own culture and ethos. To promote and encourage continuous improvement of student achievement, ATIS sought accreditation to ensure that its students receive a quality education recognized and accepted internationally. The school went through exhaustive processes of self-examination and external inspections in order to gain accreditation by the Commission on Trans-Regional Accreditation (CITA). In the academic year 2000, ATIS was accredited from K-10. As the school grew the entire school program K-12 was accredited in March 2002.To maintain high standards, ATIS conducted an extensive self-study in the 2007-2008 academic year, leading to re-accreditation.


ATIS operates with the approval of the State of Kuwait’s Ministry of Private Education and is accredited by NCA (North Central Association Commission on Accreditation and School Improvement).

Skoolee was able to cover all aspects in an American system from KG, to Primary, Middle School & High school. 


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About Skoolee

Skoolee is a customizable and multilingual software solution for national curricula, high schools, and international schools. It helps administrators, principals, teachers, students, parents, and guardians manage elementary and secondary education.

Skoolee features user-friendly management of school processes and information, such as school setup, academic structure, fundamental information (course, teacher, family, student), conduct, appraisal, assessment, grading, grade book, reports card, transcripts, deliberation, medical, transportation, discussion board, chat room, communication, notifications, SMS messaging, online exams, scheduling and timetable, fees and payment (accounts receivables), payroll, data consolidation, and reporting.

Skoolee is web-based and mobile, offering online self-service centers (portals) for principals, teachers, students, parents, and guardians.


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