November 22, 2020


Keep moving

The need for adaptation. Those who adapt, thrive. This is what science and history say, and what our schools teach. Which makes one wonder: why is it that some do not practice what they teach?

Education has thoroughly changed and evolved. Sometimes we seem to take things for granted, to think that what is now has always has been so, and that things have always moved along gently and slowly. This is not accurate. The education system has seen many sharp transforming points that catapulted it to whole new dimensions. Not long ago we were studying under the oak tree. How things changed now. Recall Gutenberg’s mass-production printing press, around 1450 A.D.? That tool brought along a revolution in the spreading of information and education. How different is the impact of the Internet today? Not different, really. And before that, in the twelfth century the church in Europe established educational institutions and methods that revolutionized the generation and spreading of knowledge, as did before that the Arabs and their madrassas and libraries, and before them the Romans, the Greeks, and the Chinese.

Things will happen

In the middle of these pandemic times, stepping out of the fray for a moment can give us a clearer visibility. We will see that moving on to the online world is yet another step in the path of evolution and adaptation down which education has been treading since early times. Such a move was bound to happen anyway; it is not a choice. Maybe Corona was merely the catalyst in education’s busy laboratory of “chemical reactions”.

Providing productive and collaborative online spaces for schools is a must now. At White Mountain Technologies, we believe that we are contributing in this regard. We offer Skoolee for this purpose, which is a student information and school management platform that works on the Internet.

According to UNESCO, “in the next 30 years more people will receive formal education than in all of human history thus far”. With education displaying such a towering and necessary presence in our life, it is only befitting that we do our best to provide it in its finest form possible to our children.