February 28, 2022

About Us ... Again

White Mountain Technologies specializes in software for schools and higher education where, in some aspects, we beg to differ.

In the Kitchen

Our work follows the following stages:  Concept, Methodology, Scope, Scalability, Usability, and Customer Expectations. This is probably what most companies do. Yet we beg to differ, in that, almost always, we start with Customer Expectations, and then the other phases follow in their sequential order or with some overlapping and forking along the way; we implement parallel and distributed processing a lot. It is our understanding and experience that what the customers want is what drives any of our software conception, architecture, and development.

We find it imperative to explain how we operate. We believe it good and necessary that the customer takes a looks at the underlying clockwork of our internal kitchen where things are made. Our presence in the field since 2007 has given us leverage, namely, information and experience. We have been handling projects in more than 15 countries, which gives us great exposure to the cultures and the different ways in which users operate and what their requirements are. Accordingly, our software systems grew to be configurable, flexible, modular, scalable, cross-platform, mobile, multi-lingual, and friendly. Then, the maintenance and support services that we offer come to complement our production effort and to ensure enjoyable customer experience and customer satisfaction.

At WMT, we undertake outsourcing projects, such as contract management, production cost centers, and smart daily management software systems, as well as technology planning and auditing such as for automated traffic management and command and control systems. We have a section that takes care of that. Our flagship, in-house software are Skoolee and UniversiTools, and they revolve around education management in schools for Skoolee and higher education for UniversiTools.

On a Mission

We are a for-profit company, but, foremost, a company with a mission. We have chosen the education sector because we believe in the power of education. Looking down the path that humanity has been following, one can easily discern what changes education made to any given society in the times they were introduced. Moreover, in our present times, one can compare societies with high literacy rate to those with low rates. And one can compare a person who was fortunate enough to get education to an unfortunate one. In all of those comparisons, the tracks differ substantially and the outcome changes conclusively wherever education sets in.

Education institutions are now operating a complex endeavor. Educational needs are no more basic, nor can they be processed offhandedly. The dimensions across which knowledge is progressing are diverse and super-fast. The mass of knowledge is growing exponentially, books and technologies quickly become obsolete, and the needs of the job market exert terrific pressure on the educational system; the gap is quite obvious between what the educational institutions are offering and what the market needs. With more than enough on their hands, we opted to present our management information systems to help schools and higher education institutions in their mission, in whatever capacity we have.

Skoolee is a school management and student information system for K-12. It is a coherent assembly of a broad range of modules, covering admissions, registration, grade book, agenda, examination, assignment, assessment, content download, discussion groups, calendar, notifications, buses, and reporting. It has add-on modules that manage payroll, account receivables, bank integration, bus transportation, time tables, and schedules. Moreover, its extracurricular modules provide space for, well, extracurricular things. Skoolee’s modular structure allows the school to deploy all of the modules at once or rather only some of them now and then scale up to deploy yet more in sequential phases.

UniversiTools is a student information system for higher institutions, colleges, and universities. It is an effective, well-focused modular system that manages processes from student application all way to degree auditing and graduation, covering student admissions, enrollment, student and instructor information, advising, degree planning, student contract sheets, course catalogues, course pre-registration and registration, drop and add, course timetables, grades and evaluations, transcripts, holds, clearances, instructor availability and preferences, classroom scheduling, examination timetables, alternate time allocation, building and facility layouts, and account receivables.

Of course, we built our systems to integrate with third-party systems, whether through APIs or direct coding. We take into consideration migrating into Skoolee or UniversiTools any historical data that our customers find relevant and necessary for continuous operation. We also offer customization services to tailor some aspects and processes to specific customer needs. Moreover, extensive reporting and analytics tools come with our systems to ensure that you get the most out of your data and operations.

Our systems are multi-lingual. They are available in English, French, and Arabic. Surely, the technology allows for the interface to accommodate many other alphabets and languages. It is our intention to provide familiarity, comfort, and localization to our users, any to eliminate as much as possible any adoptability barriers. Skoolee and UniversiTools is used by principals, directors, coordinators, heads of departments, faculty, instructors, staff, students, parents, guardians, and system administrators. Each one of these stakeholders has his or her designated work space, screens, and functions. In this sense, access to our SIS is privileged, for only designated users can access specifically designated areas, and their work is safely protected.

Looking Ahead

This is not all. Our agenda will keep us busy for quite some time down the road. Currently, we moved our software systems to a new platform, migrating them from .NET Framework to .NET Core. As such, our products now demonstrate enhanced performance, longevity, versatility, and mobility. Another advantage is that our software is cross-platform and cloud-based. We are also moving our software into new territories. Data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence are not ornamental or “sesquipedalian” words. They are bright tools that go through large data and extract patterns and statistics; or can observe how processes are executed and suggest ameliorations; or can enhance interaction and build communities from disparate groups; and on and on. We are working now diligently along this track to integrate new modules with our student information and school management systems.

All said, it is our constant intention to provide our customers with our best.